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Polproduct, War Child Business Friends 2018


Breda, 17/01/2018

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POLPRODUCT lets children from war-affected areas believe in their future again

Children have the right to grow up in peace. Free from fear and violence. But above all: free from war. War Child creates safe places in conflict-affected areas where children can play, continue their education and where they learn to deal with their experiences. Hence we are very proud to share that POLPRODUCT supports War Child as a Business Friend with a periodical contribution.


Children are the future

Besides realizing our goals as an organization, we also find it incredibly important to play a pro-active role in our society and to contribute to a better world. Children are the future. That is why we chose to support War Child. Through War Child’s sports, games, music and education, children can process the awful experiences they have been through. They gain confidence in themselves, in each other and in their future.


CEO Tjipke Bergsma from War Child:

“Being War Child does not mean we can help children just by ourselves. It is because of the engagement from companies and their contribution that we can support more war children in a sustainable way. It is also because of companies that we can maintain a low-cost-policy which ensures that as many funds as possible go to the children. Thanks to your services and products, your expertise and your employees War Child can succeed in reaching a growing number of children. Your contribution is however not only valuable to us. Your employees will also find it inspiring to contribute on a societal level and to find out how as a company this is implemented. In short: giving war children confidence and opportunities is something we do together!”


Support War Child as a Business Friend

War Child always welcomes more Business Friends. Caught your attention, or would you like more information? Please visit the site (Dutch language):


Warm regards,

 Mouez Abderrahman and all Polproduct Team


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