Polproduct Netherlands BV

Here, we make your life like a fruit salad.
It's always sweet.

Our focus is on 3 products, but there are 100+ products in our portfolio.

Since 1958

Aseptic & Frozen fruit puree & pulp



Fruit preparation


Since 2012

Frozen wild Blueberries from Canada

All grades

Zero waste

Our own fields


Since 1999

Frozen Strawberries from Egypt

20+ years experience


Global GAP

Latest technology


More IQF fruits & purees from our backyard

We also offer 100+ different IQF fruits and fruit purees.

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More than just a trading company

From initially “standard traders” we became a vertically integrated company for our own core berries business.

Today, we have a mixed model operation, where in some cases we act as a trading company, while in others we are involved on the levels of production and farming.

Through the vision of growing in a sustainable development we help our growers to have the best practice in order to supply our costumers with the healthiest fruit.

We ensure 100% quality, 100% traceability, and 100% transparency.

About us

We are growers

A noticeable portion of our fruits is coming from either our own farmland, contracted farmers, or historical suppliers who we carefully selected.

We are manufacturers

Our business model incorporates a mix of cooperation with different producers, third party manufacturers, and our own production facilities

We are a service company

We act proactively in order to supply our customers according to their needs. We ensure that all our products are delivered to our clients in safe conditions.

Team of professionals

The recipe to create a great team is very similar to a recipe of a good fruit puree – you need high-quality raw material (the people), proper equipment (the training), and last but not least – a love for fruits (the passion).  All of us at Polproduct share similar values – honesty, proactiveness,

There are 8 different nationalities represented in Polproduct with a combined fruit industry experience of nearly 200 years. Our backgrounds and personalities are different but joined together by our passion for the fruits.

“Squeeze the day!”


If you have any questions about our products, gourmet or trading please feel free to contact us. Your message will be sent to one of our commercials and they will contact you as soon as possible.
Our team

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