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Frozen Strawberries From Egypt

In 2018 Egypt surpassed Poland as number 1 in frozen strawberry exports. The region of Northern Egypt where river Nile enters the Mediterranean Sea is a perfect location for strawberry cultivation. Polproduct has been present in Egypt since 1999 and is probably the only European company with such a strong knowledge and experience base.

We have seen the industry developing from scratch and live through the painful periods of development. While still evolving, Egypt has taken huge steps in development of cultivation and processing and is now able to supply high quality berries at very competitive price levels. As always with developing producer countries we advise our customers to rely on Polproduct´s enourmous experience in the region.

The total amount of Egyptian frozen strawberry exports have been around 120 000 tons annually in 2018 and 2019. Polproduct is responsible for roughly 10% of this volume. This growth has only been possible thanks to our carefully selected long term partners in Egypt. Our partners are audited annually by us and many of our customers and thus they have developed into strong companies with strong financial capabilities.

Our relationships with our partners have evolved into strategic relationships over time. We have advised our partners on quality questions, but in some cases we have been almost 100% vertically integrated with dedicated fields only for Polproduct demand.

Why PolProduct


Polproduct was one of the first companies to start working with Egyptian farms already in 1999

Expertise and experience

We have more than 20 years experience with Egyptian strawberries

Full transparency

We work in full transparency with our customers and our suppliers in Egypt. This is the only way to build a long-term relationship and the only way we operate.

Cultural understanding

Our background and our experience has helped us to really understand our Egyptian partners and our different European customers.

Available products

Standard: Grade A uncalibrated

Other available qualities:

  • Grade A calibrated 25-35 mm
  • Dices 10×10 mm
  • Grade B uncalibrated
  • Aseptic/Frozen puree

*All products available as FDA / EU

Logistics and packaging


Strawberries can be packed in cartons (10kg, 20kg, 30lbs, 40lbs) or in craft bags (25kg). Container can be unpalletized or palletized on industrial pallets. Repalletization on EUR pallets is available for European customers.

Active stock

Being the European market leader in import of Egyptian frozen strawberries, we usually have stock available for immediate dispatch within Europe.

Full service

We organize every step of delivery, including custom clearance at the port of destination and inland trucking to customer door.

Small minimum quantity

Our minimum order size for European customers starts from one pallet and for worldwide customers from one full container load.

Our product portfolio of Egyptian strawberries consists of both whole strawberries and strawberry dices. Whole strawberries are usually supplied uncalibrated, but for some customers we also do calibrations 25-35mm and 35-45mm.

The standard cut of dices is 10x10mm, but there are also possibilities to do 12x12mm cuts. The product is packaged in 10kg cartons and in most cases shipped in a container directly to our customer.

The one way pallets are 120x100cm bearing 1200kg of product and the total container has 24 000 kg of strawberries.

Different customers need different approaches, so we have also the possibility to repalletize the strawberries onto EUR pallets, and deliver pallets of 720kg.


The main varieties grown in Egypt are Camarosa type strawberry varieties developed specially to suit the North-African climate – Festival and Sensation. The berries are bigger in size compared to their European rivals.

All of our fields in Egypt are Global GAP certified and the contract farmers commit to compliance with GAP and pesticide program & volume. All processing facilities have a minimum BRC certificate in order to guarantee the quality of their end products.


Strawberry varieties grown in Egypt are imported from US or Spanish breeders. They are the same as the varieties grown in Spain or in Morocco. There are more than 30 varieties available but the main ones are Festival and Fortuna. Sensation is a new variety and benefits from stronger taste and intensive red color.

Interesting point: Polproduct is able to supply 100% sensation variety from its partner factories.


If you have any questions about our products, gourmet or trading please feel free to contact us. Your message will be sent to one of our commercials and they will contact you as soon as possible.
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