Food industry partner for IQF fruits and fruit puree

Established already in 1958 / 20+ different markets / 8 nationalities working in Polproduct



Address: Hofdreef 32 4881 DR Zundert, The Netherlands
Tel: + 31 765 96 31 40

Reg: HR Breda 20162510
VAT: NL821535626B01
VAT: BE0823650853
VAT: DE269192724
VAT: PL5263193358
GB EORI: GB073539302000


Mouez Abderrahman


Special power: Only guy to have a shirt with strawberries and actually wear it.

Jegor Mitrofanski

Commercial director & Key account manager

Special power: Can pick apples from top branches

Benjamin Roussel

Technical director & Key account manager

Special power: Knows how everything grows.

Benjamin Fontaine

Key account manager

Special power: Takes the word “Gourmet” to another level

Aymen Jabrane

Key account & Technical project manager

Special power: Knows how to speak with molecules

Andjela Tasic

Key account manager

Special power: Unstoppable.

Quality & Administration

Ingeborg De Kok

General administration manager

Special power: Keeps the whole thing together. Everyday.

João Borges

Quality manager

Special power: Decides if stuff is good enough


Sandra Voogd

Financial manager

Special power: Speaks Number

Isabelle Fraase Storm

Accounting manager

Special power: Knows how to tango with numbers


Sabrina Messian


Special power: The master of all contracts

Lut Fransen


Special power: Handles millions and billions deliveries simultaneously



Special power: Makes sure all your deliveries are on time



Security Guard

  • Languages spoken: Dog
  • Nationality: Dutch

Special power: Keeps the office safe, unless he is sleeping


If you have any questions about our products, Gourmet or trading please feel free to contact us. Your message will be sent to one of our commercials and they will contact you as soon as possible.
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