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Established in 1958 / 20+ different markets / 8 nationalities working in Polproduct

About us

Henk de Leeuw, “The Lion”

Henk “Lion” De Leeuw is the reason why Polproduct exists – he was the one to start the company in 1958. He was a true legend in the fruit industry and was known both in Western and Eastern Europe.

While there are many peculiar and funny stories to tell about Henk, one of the funniest oneĀ“s is definitely “the frog story” pictured in the interview taken in 1968. Henk ordered a container of strawberries, but instead ended up with a container full of live frogs. So he decided to give the frogs a new home and emptied the container in the lake.

Unfortunately, Henk passed away in October 2020 after living an amazingly adventurous life of 86 years. He will always remain in the heart of his colleagues and more importantly, in the heart of Polproduct! Thank you Henk!

Why we do it


Over the years we not only saw our world moving fast but we acted proactively
to develop ourselves and anticipate customers demands.Despite numerous opportunities for an horizontal growth,
we first choose specialization and control through vertically integrated growth on
our historical business: the red fruit.


Complete devotion to serve our clients through high quality products, full safety and high level of service. The aim of Polproduct has always been to develop reliable partners fully integrated who share the same vision.


Business values

  • Proactively bring best in class solutions to our customers
  • Respect of our commitment with our devoted suppliers
  • Develop business partnerships based on full transparency and openness

Social values

  • Safety and wellbeing employees
  • Control our footprint on environment
  • Social responsibilities in developing areas

PolProduct History

Since 1958, Polproduct is a specialist in sourcing and processing frozen fruits for industry.
Discover all our history.

1958 founded by Mr. de Leeuw

Mainly negotiated in Poland in Warsaw, the red fruits were sold through Western Europe. From here the company gets its name (POL+PRODUCT).


First Company to enhance imports from eastern Europe.


Polproduct developed as a transport company, hired forwarding agents, managed its own customs clearance, facilities, processing plants.


A coldstore in Rijkevorsel, Belgium.


Acquisition of a pulp production facility in Rijkevorsel, Belgium.


After 35 years of being in fruit processing, Polproduct acquired Agromatimpex in Poland berries farming and freezing.


Restructuring, Polproduct N.V became Polproduct B.V and moved to The Netherlands.


Investment in a new freezing facility in Tunisia to develop a wide range of fruits and vegetables.


Creation of a strawberry farming company in Tunisia.


New Puree factory in Holland offering a wide range of possibilities.
Joint venture in Canada to create a new freezing factory for wild blueberries.


Engaging further in wild berry operations in Northern and Eastern Europe.


Launching of new production line in Zundert.

Polproduct daily


If you have any questions about our products, gourmet or trading please feel free to contact us. Your message will be sent to one of our commercials and they will contact you as soon as possible.
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