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Aseptic & Frozen Fruit Puree

Why Polproduct


Location in central Europe allows us to cater for different demands – our raw material can be sourced from from all over Europe and beyond – location near historical trade port of Rotterdam allows also to source from around the World.


Polproduct has been producing purees since 1958 – we master the art of purees. We know what is important to a jam maker, ice cream maker, fruit preparation company and many other customer types that we serve daily.

In house lab

Allows us to develop tailor made recipes for specific customers, but also to do a scale of analysis of raw material and end product in house.

Tailor made possibilities

Is something daily for us. Small order? Partial delivery? Specific variety? Specific blend? Just name it, we will do it.


Polproduct purees are produced in H&S Coldstore in Beneden-Leeuwen, in the heart of the Netherlands. The cooperation started in 2014 when H&S transformed its business from being just a logistics cold store into a full-scale puree producing service company. Our business with H&S has steadily increased year over year and become a strategic partnership for both sides.


Today we are able to crush and blend any type of fruit. The purees can be pasteurized and homogenized and filled aseptically into drums of 200kg or bag-in-boxes of various sizes. It is also possible to produce a puree without heat treatment – the puree is filled into an 18kg wax carton and frozen.

In order to produce a suitable product for our customer, we need to define:

  • the final application of the product
  • the raw material for the puree
  • the type of puree
  • the final treatment of puree
  • the final conditioning of puree
  • the final packaging of puree

We are flexible at any stage of the process and are ready to find the best solution to cater to our customer needs. As a final step, our in-house laboratory will provide a range of analysis (brix, acidity, ration, PH, % pulp, sensory evaluation).

MOQ: Although we hold some stock of our most popular purees that can be ordered by pallet, then our standard minimum production is 10 tons. Please check with our sales manager for additional information.

Step 1

Define your application

Step 2

Select raw material

Step 3

Select puree type

Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Plan your order with the help of this table. Choose one from each column to describe your product.

Step 1Define your application
Fruit preparation
Ice cream
Step 2Select raw material
Seeded fruits
Stone fruits
Citrus fruits
Tropical fruits
Super fruits
Step 3Select puree type
Block (puree + iQF)
Step 4Treatment
Step 5Conditioning
Step 6Packaging
800kg tanks
200kg drums
20kg BIB
10kg BIB
2x5kg BIB
180kg drums
18kg wax carton
10kg wax carton
10kg pail
See all available purees


Once the process inputs are defined and the raw material is selected the production process may start. The production facilities use advanced technology on every step of the process, which includes crushing, destoning, depuling, de-aeration, refining, blending and finally filling.

The production capacity is up 100 000 tons per day depending on the type of puree and complexity of the recipe. Due to high capacities we are able to offer very short lead times – on average up to 2 weeks since the signing of agreement with the customer.


Polproduct puree packaging depends on production type and our customer needs.

Aspetic purees can be packaged into:

200 kg drums

20 kg BIB (Bag in Box)

Frozen purees can be packaged into:

180 kg drums

10 kg or 18 kg wax cartons

10 kg pails


Our purees are produced respecting the strict requirements of following certification bodies:


If you have any questions about our products, gourmet or trading please feel free to contact us. Your message will be sent to one of our commercials and they will contact you as soon as possible.
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