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Apple Aseptic Pulp Organic

Variations of
Origin(s)China, Italy, Poland, Various
VarietyBoskoop, Golden, Granny Smith, Idared, Ligol, Various
Possible certificationHalal, Kosher, Organic
Sieve size for puree1,0 mm - 5,0 mm
Sieve size for puree
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General description

Process detailsMade of wholesome, ripe and frozen, free flowing Fruits

Product characteristics

Physical properties

Brix10-12 (20°C)
AcidityN/A %w/w +/- 0.05 as anh. citric acid (pH 8.1)
SizeWhole Uncalibrated
pH3,1 +/- 0,3 (20°C)

Organoleptic Properties

ColourDark purple, typical from the variety
Flavour, TasteTypical blueberry, no mouldy or off notes

Physical contamination

Endogenous foreign matters

Stalks and (pieces of) leaves:< 15/kg

Exogenous foreign matters

Worms, Larvae or insectsAbsence
Product exempt from any glass, wood, metal, mineral stone, plastic or paper contamination


Total Viable Count< 100 CFU/g
SalmonellaAbs /25g
ListeriaAbs /25g


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